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~~The founder, Late DOOLWALA GALAPITAGE HEMACHANDRA SIRISENA, a Kandyan born and bred, began producing fireworks in 1927 in the Central Hills of the country then known as Ceylon. He met with resounding success and, by 1935, founded THE KANDYAN FIREWORKS COMPANY at Halloluwa, Kandy,Sri Lanka. Late Mr.HEMACHANDRA SIRISENA was subsequently elected by the people to lead and represent them on the national stage by becoming a Member of Parliament for Akurana (Presently known as Harispattuwa) in the District of kandy in 1962. He rose in the ranks to become a Junior Minister and gained the opportunity to tour Germany, Soviet Russia, Switzerland, Romania, Czechoslovakia, Austria, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, the Peoples Republic of China, Korea & India. On his travels, he took every opportunity to learn from the traditions and expertise of those nations famed for the manufacture of fireworks, particularly China. This accumulated store of knowledge led to the creation of the renowned "ALIDON" brand of fireworks and the name "ALIDON" quickly became synonymous for fireworks in Sri Lanka. ALIDON is proud to continue the traditions of its founder through the manufacture and distribution of fireworks and the company also organises firework displays on a grand scale, an event of choice for weddings, birthdays and other auspicious occasions in Sri Lanka. Unlike most of the other firework manufacturers which outsource production to a third party, ALIDON has its own custom-made production plant in Halloluwa, Kandy, on a two acre site beside the Colombo main road. This complex, combined with its specially trained employees, enables the continued production of high quality, innovative and safe fireworks in Sri Lanka.


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Late : Galapitage H. Sirisana - Founder

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Fire has been a foundation of human civilisation, it provides us with warmth, light, food, protection and excitement. The very act of lighting a fire conveys a sense of control and light of hope which provides a blaze of excitement.